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No on the Neolamprologus leleupi as they will harass the Multies and pull them and their fry out of the shells.

I've always used Escargot shells for my small shell dwellers and they work great and are cheap. I also wanted the Neothauma shells when I started out but they were either not available or $10 per shell. I've seen they are available lately sometimes but don't know how they are legally exported as my understanding is they are/were prohibited to export.

The usual suggestion is to start with 6 unsexed juveniles of either #1 and #2 on your species list to get a chance at males and females. In my experience it didn't matter too much with Multies as you can always get more females if your 1st purchase was male heavy.

I haven't kept Julidochromis transcriptus, some members suggest that once a pair forms, the others may need to be rehomed so hopefully they comment on your stocking plans.
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