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I've had african cichlids for over 15yrs and have kept 125 & 150 gallon aquariums. On those tanks I've always used canister filters. I've recently acquired a 320 gallon acrylic aquarium and I'm looking at setting up a wet dry filtration system for it. How big of a filtration system do I need for such a large tank? I've never used a wet dry filter but I'm thinking it would be best for this large of a tank. This is going to be a Malawi & Victorian community tank.

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The overflows on the tank will determine the maximum flow capacity of your system… So ideally you would select your sump volume based on your overflow capacity… not your tank volume…

Once the flow capacity is determined then you will want to select a sump volume that will allow your flow capacity to flow freely through the sump/media…

As a general idea I typically see sumps running around 15~20% of the tanks volume…
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