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300ltr tank Help needed for stocking it.

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Hi there,

I currently have a 200ltr corner tank which is filled with Mbuna,Haps,Peacocks etc which were all bought with the fish shops saying they would all be fine together and fit in the tank. I know know better and although everything is fine in the tank in terms of aggression etc i know that a few of these fish are more suited too a bigger tank.

I have bought a 300ltr Juwel Rio and although i would prefer a bigger tank i simply won't be able to fit anything bigger in the house i am currently in. (A bigger tank will be bought once i move house :thumb: )

My question is how to go about stocking the tank. I am going to leave all Mbuna in the corner tank and i will be moving all the haps,peacocks etc into the 300 ltr which are these -

1 x Aulunocara Calico (male)
1 x C.Moori (possibly female)
2 x Red Empress (male + female)
3 x 5 Bar Trets (unkown sexes)
6 x Alto.Calvus (unkown sexes)
1 x Hap sp.44 (male)

Is there any of these fish i should rethink about and is there any other fish i could add as i am unsure about the amount of fish that will fit into the 300ltr ?? Should i go all male?? I am confused lol !!


:fish: Ashley :fish:
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