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300 gallon

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My new tank is 96x30x24 acrylic. It has a overflow at one end, not the best but I got a great deal on it as a closeout from the manufacturer. It also has two holes drilled in the bottom of the tank, one at the opposite end of the overflow and one closer to the center. This is to help push/ recirculate the water towards the overflow.... I will be keeping African cichlids, haps/peacocks and want to try to turn the water over 10x. The overflow to the sump will handle 7.5x an hour, with two PCX 40s returning the water. I was wondering if I used a 1000gph canister and used the holes in the bottom for the supply and return? Don't know if this would work or not. For me this is all pretty new, all my other (little tanks ) I just add a canisters or hobs. Is there a better way of going about this? Any ideas or options would be appreciated.
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From what I've heard, and personally, it is just better to use a wet/dry filter with the drilled tanks.Canisters can **** out, or still overflow like a wet/dry, but, it is just safer, and wet/drys are just as great at cleaning the water, and supporting a biological load, of important bacteria.
Even 7.5x an hour is good.But remember when getting a pump, head height is a major factor of your GPH, remember that.
You could throw a couple HOB filters on the back, or even use a Fluval FX5 canister , or however you'd like to do it.
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