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Larsvik said:
I would like to add a few yellow labs to the mix, maybe 10 Demasoni and 4 labs. Do you think that would help buffer aggression by adding different species/colors, or just narrow the focus down to one or two demasonis being bullied more? I would like to see the two species, but lower aggression is obviously top priority. I would be fine with 12-15 demasoni if that meant less fighting.
I have Demasoni and Yellow Labs in a 55g (with a couple of Acei)..and I do find that the Y-Labs to help manage the Demasoni aggression and they never mess with each other .. and the bright Yellow Labs and the colors of the Demasoni go perfectly together.

I also keep Saulosi (1m/2fm and 2 babies) along with Rusties (1m/1fm and a baby) in a 30g.. They do great together but a 30g tank gets pretty small once the fish are full grown (as mine are). I've thought about moving the Rusties and going Saulosi only but this group does very well so I leave it alone. I started with a few more of each but lost a couple of females along the way and moved a couple of extra males.

I would recommend a Saulosi only tank.. but if you want to try the Demasoni / Y-Lab combo go for it. It will definitely be a fun tank while they are growing out but you should try to plan to get a 55g to move them to later on. if that's possible.
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