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finally got my project going. i wanted to run 3 tanks with 1 sump so
i can have my mpimbwe breeding trio, fry tank and moba tank connected to
1 sump. that way all the water parameters are all the same.
i also used theFishguy overflow design so i can do 1/3 water change to all tanks
and drain straight to the floor drain. the 3/4" floor drains runs along the white baseboard along
the wall. theres a 1/2" refill lines that runs from the laundry room also hidden under the sofas and around the wall.
heres the original idea but i modified it. all tanks are now going to be drilled.

the system is up and running with the 2 tanks (60g and 75g). however, im not happy with the
1" drain capacity and the height of the 60g. i may add another 1" drains on all tanks so i can
have a higher turnover but will probably wait till all tanks are running. i may also replace
the 60g with a shorter tank like a 50g (19" high) and replace my current 125g with the 100g long to have the same height tanks on top.
comments are welcome.
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