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29G Stocking Question

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Hi there -
I have a 29G that currently has 1 small Firemouth [< 2"], 3 panda cories and 3 tiger barbs.Everyone gets along great and my water parameters [nitrate, nitrite and ph] are all fine. I do regular water changes weekly and only feed about twice a week. I know that I will eventually need a larger tank for the Firemouth...but until then what do you think of my stocking? There's not much activity in my tank since there are so few fish, so I go back and forth about if I should add anything more to it.
Just looking for some second opinions.

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As far as adding a few more fish into the tank - I am hesitant to add tetras since the barbs can get nippy. Would i be better off just getting more tiger barbs? Or other barbs?

What do you guys recommend ?

PS: Danios don't interest me
PS: Thanks for the tip about the feeding. I will step it up until he gets bigger. :thumb: I feed a mix of flake, bloodworms and sinking shrimp pellets. Anything else I should introduce ??
Yes - less tank cleaning and just the fact that they don't need to eat every single day like the food manufacturers want you to believe. Been doing it for years based on several experts advice. They aren't starving, don't worry. :)
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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