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I have a question regarding stocking. Most people seem to have tangs in large species groups to see their behaviour but can you stock just a single individual in a tank and have them be fine? I was thinking of putting a 29 gallon together and introducing the following:
a pair of Julie transcriptus
a trio of either multis or brevis (would prefer Brevis but they are harder to come by here)
a BN pleco

BUT could I also introduce a any of the following as singles individuals

I don't want anymore pairs but I appreciate the splashes of colour, unique body shapes and characteristics. Obviously this would be a rocky tank with a shell bed providing lots of cover

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IMO the shellies and julidochromis pair is fully stocked for a 29G.

Tangs tend to act strangely stocked as one of each, but if you want to try it I would do it in a larger tank.
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