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I officially have paid for it and am having my dream tank built. (Realistic dream tank anyway)

Dimensions on the tank are 72"L x 24"W x 36"H, coming out to approximately 265 gallons.
The tank will be filtered with 3 FX6 canister filters
My water ph is 7 out of the tap and I plan on having 2" of white sand on the bottom as well as a couple of large pieces of driftwood. I will aim to keep the temperature around 80 degrees F.

I am leaning towards a tank of severums right now with 6-8 redhead geophagous Tapajos.

Looking for opinions on what a good number of severums would be for this tank. I plan on also including 1-2 blood parrots and 1-2 electric blue acaras.

Any suggestions on specific numbers for stocking? Do you see any problems with the species I have selected as far as compatibility?
I would also like to include a medium-size school of active dither fish, probably some kind of tetra I guess? Any suggestions here would be greatly appreciated, I guess they will have to be on the larger size so they don't become snacks later on. Any and all help and suggestions are appreciated!
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