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Auballagh said:
Sounds like a cool tank.
For the Severums, I would just go with an odd number. Five should be about right. NOT a fan of the BPs. Besides the weird mouth, etc... one or both of them may have the attitude of a Red Terror, causing problems for everyone. I'd just go with a couple Green Terrors and skip the EBA altogether. If you want a big, but peaceful 'budfy' kind of Cichlid, you could stock with a single Chocolate Cichlid (Hypselecara temporalis) to act as the sort of 'centerpiece fish' for the tank.
For the movers in there, you could go with 12 -14 Silver Dollars. Same number of Buenos Aires Tetras or maybe some Astyanx fasciatus 'mexicanus' (Hard to find for purchase). Otherwise 10 - 12 Giant Danios would clear that job pretty well, if you don't mind stocking with an Asian species..... :wink:
Your stocking ideas actually sound very similar to the setup a local friend has at the moment- especially the Sev's, Geo's, and silver dollars-and it seems to be working well for him. I especially like the school of silver dollars in this tank. :thumb:
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