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A new project- the tank is 32x24x72 its is 239 gallons.
I was thinking of stocking it w 1 specimen from a few diffrent central american species
the following are some of my main wants
red devil
Three spot Cichlid

Filtration is going to be a large cannister filter with a 10 gallon semi sump for heaters and other supplies

The frame is made of 2x4s w 4x4s as posts
Plywood for the inside panneling, heavy frabric stapled to the inside is going to be resined to waterproof the tank

Im using a good number of large flat rocks for the substraite and leaving the bottom open, also i am going to have seven or eight large roots going down from the top of the tank on one side going out about 2 feet and the other side of the tank will have some pieces of driftwood

Tell me what you think of this idea
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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