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2213 Filter media

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Hello all,

I have an old 2213 Filter that I have not used in years. I am getting ready to set up a 33 gallon with shell dwellers and want to use this filter. I would like to just fill it with the blue sponge coarse filter pads, but somewhere along the line I lost the media basket that came with it. I could try to find a new media basket, but they are kind of hard to find and expensive, and I never really liked the design anyway.

I also read that you can cut off the outer ring on a 2215 bottom screen/lattice and it will fit a 2213 perfectly. But the 2213 blue sponges don't fit without the basket. I am guessing it wouldn't be too hard to trim down the 2215 sponges to be a nice snug fit in the 2213, and that is my current plan.

I am open to any other ideas people have here, though. I do want to avoid needing to throw away and replace media. Something I can rinse in tank water and put back in is ideal.

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That media basket is pricey so I would also avoid it. First I would verify that the filter actually does work properly since you haven't used it in years. I'd set it up without any media and do a test run if you can either using a 5G bucket of water or the tank if you already have water in it. Definitely check the pump head o-ring to be sure it is in good shape as well as the impeller and shaft.

If everything does work well, you can use one or two pieces of egg crate (drop ceiling light grid) cut to shape to use as the bottom lattice screen and then also use some Poly-fil Traditional Batting cut to wrap around the original coarse blue sponges to fill the gaps or just cut larger and layered between the blue sponges. A final piece of egg crate can be used just below the original top lattice screen to prevent material getting past it.
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