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22 Total Fish in a 5ft 100g?

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I just picked up 5 new male peacocks(lwanda, ob, red shoulder, ruby red, eureka, all 2"-3") in an auction. These will be added to my current stock for a total of 22 fish. The tank dimensions are 60x18x20. Filtration is covered by 2 Penguin 350's. I do weekly water changes. The overall mood of the tank is laid back. Everyone swims all over freely with no harassment.

Current Hap/Peacock Stock:
OB (2.5in)
Baenschi (3in)
Fryeri (6in)
Fryeri Lumbaulo (3in)
Fryeri OB (2.5in)
Borleyi - red(4in)
Borleyi - gold(3.5in)
T. Reef (4.5in)
Lithobates (3.5in)
Phenochilus (6in)
Taeniolatus (3.5in)
2 Moorii (4in, 3.5in)
Electra (3.5in)
Electra Blackfin Makonde (3.5in)
Melas (2.5in)
Compressiceps (3.5in)

What do You All think? :)
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dielikemoviestars said:
I'm not sure if you're asking for compatibility or stocking level?

Sorry I wasn't a bit more clear. I actually meant both but just forgot to type it out. :D
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