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I walked into a 210 this week that is 72X24X29 that I couldn't resist. I'm trading my 110 High for this straight up since the 210 was bigger than they thought (good for me lol). I do have a few questions or your thoughts on this about filteration, stocking, etc... I know it's the typical question that a lot ask, but just wanted some collective thoughts to see what happens.

It is not drilled or have an inside overflow. I was thinking of getting an FX5 and adding an Aquaclear 110 and Emperor 400 on the back. Do you think will be enough to push the tank with an average size of inhabitants? I know a lot is determined about what is kept in tank also which leads into my next question.

THIS is the million dollar question that so many ask and I know it really "individual" question. I prefer to have more than one fish in the tank of course. All though I do love the one big fish tank, but since i'm finally getting a bigger tank, I want to have a few fish to look at now.

I still will have my 100 Gallon tank also and it is currently stocked with a 5" Freddy, 8" Blackbelt, (3) 2" Texas's and a 5" Black Shark. They all get along great right now in the tank with no agression really except for the Freddy to move the Texas's out of his way lol.

I'm really thinking of moving the Freddy over to the 210 to grow out and want to get him some tank mates that will be able to handle him at 14". Just wanted some input on some ideals out there to put in the 210 and filter's for it. I know this is a question that is asked a lot and that their is some cookie cutters, but I just wanted some actually input from users around here.

I wouldn't even mind a species tank :)

Thanks ahead of time.
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