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When i feel tanks are cycled properly. I will order these fish.

6 Callochromis Flame rainbow
7 transcriptis gombi
6 caudopunctatus
8 gold occelatus

My tanks have about 40 or 50 shells of different sizes spread out. I have smallish rock piles 6 or 7 spread throughout tank. Will probably add more. Was thinking of ordering some breeder caves. What do you guys think of those?

Was wondering if regani kipili would trash trans gombi?
Buescheri gombi was option as well

Thinking i might just put occellatus in 20 gallon long to start. Making sure none get trashed.

Then eventually puting some in big tank.

Maybe when I get a pair of bigger fish put 1 pair in 20 gallon long with maybe trio of gold occelatus. Do yu think this could work if properly set up. With barriers?

I know they all cant stay together. I will then move pairs or trios to 10 or 20 gallon breeder tanks if the give me any guff.

Anyways what do you think? I have had all species except callochromis and caudopuntatus and regani

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I would not advise putting two juli. species in the same tank. I also think there could be a problem with juli.'s and buescheri in the same tank, they both prefer to live in the same type of narrow caves, and might end up fighting to the death over the best spots.

I would start with the occies in the 20L., and put the callochromis in the 6 footer, leave a big area of open sand in the middle, and put some rocks at the ends for other species like caudo's, and juli's or buescheri.

One thing I can tell you about buescheri, is once you have a pair, and they pick out their cave/rock pile, they will not move very far from it. They will come out to grab some food, but they will not be seen swimming around the tank much, and they don't like bright lighting either.
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