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hey all, its been a while since *** posted here, just took to lurking for a while. but now im gearing up for my first real DIY job and i need all the help i can get, complete novice handyman here :oops:

im going to build everything, including the tank as i have 4 sheets of 20" glass just lying around here, gonna measure thickness tomorrow and then order a bottom pane :D i have a choice of two tanks, 24x12x18"high and 24x12x12"high. i intend to use one as a sump/fry saver, should i get the bottom pane drilled for overflows or just do a hang on back style ? bearing in mind silence is utmost closely followed by the clean look and ease of maintenance.

does anyone have any easy to follow plans for canopies and/or stands ?? :fish:

Thanks, Paul

p.s can someone please fully explain "durso's" to me ?? i cant fully grasp the overflow concept other than just a drilled stand-pipe overflowing straight down.....
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