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2 Tank Setup Questions...

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1. I am getting my plants for my new tank tomorrow, I have a seeded filter ready to put in it, do I put it in it when I add the plants or wait for when I get the fish?

2. I just got 2 powerheads used for extremely cheap, the person was using them in a UGF. I want to use them to move some water. I figure I must be doing something wrong or he had them setup for the UGF but it's not "pushing" the water. What are some things I can check on them? Sorry first time using a powerhead.
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What type of powerheads do you have? If they were used on a UGF they may be set up to run in "reverse flow" mode, they may need cleaned, or they may not have a good flow rate to begin's hard to give any better info without knowing the brand you have.

As far as the "seeded" filter, has it been running on a tank with fish in it? If it has been sitting on a tank without fish, it probably isn't "seeded" any more. The bacteria need a food source to stay alive, i.e. ammonia from the fish.
Powerheads are penguin 55's I believe...I got one working last night, other is still a work in progress.

The seeded filter is currently running in a stocked tank. I was just curious if the plants needed to have a seeded filter if not I"ll just wait until I add the fish.
No the plants don't need a seeded filter. Just put it in when you add the fish.
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