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1. What is he/she? im thinking he is a hap?
anywho he is silver most of the time but tonight when i turned their lights on, he was black with blue, with red color at the tip of his fins, and he was showing off all his greatness..

2. All my fish where showing off tonigh (livingstoni, accei, what i think is a venustus, alunocara, OB peacock, stevenii [hes always showing off] Copidichromis borleyi "Red Fin" [hes always showing off too] but the lights were on all day and it went lights out around 930... but just now at 1245 i turned the lights on and they were all showing off... is there a reason why?
crappy pic but you can see some of them...

i will try to get better pics as soon as i get a camera on my hands :)
thanks as always jasson
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