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2 minute slide show of my tank and fish

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let me know what you think of my guys... they are getting big... going on 2 months i think sinse i got them... they are about 2 or so inches now... this guy by far is my favorite so far...

here is the link to the slideshow... sorry about the music, it was done really fast and i picked the music that was closest in length to my slides... ... 5f0f74.pbr
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cool fish what kind is that?
Looks like Tramitichromis intermedius.

Great fish.
??HE?? i think it is a he... it is a Lethrinops sp. "Red Cap" (Itungi)... beautiful fish when full grown and colored... check out the profile of them...

Are you sure? I've seen plenty of Red Caps and he doesn't really resemble one...

Here's a pic of Tramitichromis intermedius, probably a couple inches larger than yours:

You can see the three spots (more faintly as the one pictured is probably adult and dominant) and the coloration and shape of his head is the same as yours.

When you bought yours, was it labeled as Red Cap Itungi?
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well, i thought so... i do faintly remember the guy at the store(something fishy) saying lethrinops intermedius... maybe he was wrong... i can see where you think mine is that Tramitichromis intermedius... i guess i'll have to wait and see when he gets bigger.... maybe the guy screwed up... who knows... either way, they look similar, so i am fine with that.... thanks for your input... i guess i'll start saying that it is the Tramitichromis intermedius.

thanks again
No problem.

Either way you'll have a beautiful fish when reaches his full size.
a little FYI for all of us... i did a little research on my fish because i wanted to know for sure what it was... i looked on something fishy's website, to see what they called the fish i have... if you look, it is called a lethrinops intermedius "red fin"(with a pic). and down a few more fishes is a lethrinops "red cap"(no pic). and looking up on the net lethrinops intermedius, you will find out that lethrinops intermedius is what they used to be called, and now they are named tramitichromis intermedius... so i beleive those names are one in the same... but i think on something fishy's website, they have a pic of a "Red Cap" for the lethrinops intermedius... i think i am going to email those guys and found out for sure, and if they are wrong to have them fix it... but that is what i found out so far... so i do beleive now that my fish are the tramitichromis...

Nics fish! Gotta love trade names, people always have their favorites, no matter how often they get re-classified.
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