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I have over turned every rock in the tank, I really am starting to believe he is not in the tank. There is a hole he possibly could have jumped out of, yet I do see him behind the tank or anywhere else, unless my cat ate him. So far I am going through my dry/wet filter. I have no idea where this guy is? Any where you have lost a bigger fish that mine could be? I have no idea how he could have got in my filter, if he does turn up as the overflow slots are like quarter of an inch wide and 3/4 of an inch tall, unless he jumped the 1 inch part out of the water and got in between the glass and the divider, which is all but impossible.

Was he killed and devoured? the culprits:

Uaru amphiacanthoides (who are the most non violent fish I have ever seen, and are about 4 inches)

Lemon tetras (ha ha)

Green Severum (about 1.5 inches long ha ha)

Neolamprologus brevis (Yes I know whats he doing here, well he is a bad boy and was put in a corner in this larger tank for now, oddly enough he does extremely well in this tank, he is about 3 inches long)

Panda Cory (about 1 inch long ha ha)

Common Pleco (About 3 inches)

I have been gone for 24 hours so there could have been a murder/cover up, it seems unlikely with the Acara being the 3rd largest fish in the tank besides the Uaru. I just hope he is ok, the fish is beautiful, and very active, and a great community guy.


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Sorry you lost him! I was just going to ask if you had cats or dogs!

If there's a hole to jump from, some fish will find it. All it takes is for them to be startled from below and they are out of the tank.

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