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So, when my 35g tropical popped a seam in the middle of the night, I decided to switch over to cichlids and this is the 55g start that I have going. It still has the fish that survived my disaster (3 giant danios and 2 little ones and some misc junk and my plec). I'll pull them out when my fry get bigger.

The current cichlid stock of the tank is 8 saulosi fry, 8 red zebra fry (blue), 3 hybrid fry that will be going and 4 juvie yellow labs.

I intend to put the labs in my 35g once I reseal the whole thing (discovered that they will readily breed with my zebras and I can't have that) and if I can ever find a place to sell me Black 3M Colorquartz here in San Antonio. (3 distributors here, none will sell to me) Figure 8-12 labs, a black background with black sand and either some bleached holey or maybe some black slate for rockage.

Once my fry get bigger, I'll cull the Saulosi and Zebras and let them do their thing until I get the balance that I want. I'm thinking that I'd like to have 8 saulosi 2 or 3 males depending on how they color up and 4 Zebras with 1 male.

I'll probably get rid of the bubbles when I find a canister filter or power head for cheap, but the tank currently has a whisper 60 and a biowheel 200 filtering it and it's great. Had it going for a little over a week now. My ammonia is 0, nitrates 10ish, ph 8.2+ love the texas water :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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