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180 gallon pump return spray bar or NO?

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Putting together my 180, I have a marine land maxi-jet 5500, that'll push about 600g/hr at 5'. Should i do a spray bar as the return? I have two over flows on both ends and two return holes about 5inches in from both overflows. What is best? Spray bar reduce flow too much? UGJ maybe a better option?

I was thinking about running one side of the returns along the back on the bottom of the tank as a spray bar and another at the top.

Or would it be better to spray from the middle towards the sides/ overflows?

Please give me your two cents.
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I have a tank with a similar footprint as the 180, 72" x 24". Our overflows seem to be in the same location in about 8" from the sides.

What we did was use loc-line returns with the wye fitting. We have them both pointed towards the side panels, one along the back and down with the other towards the front side corner and down. This gives us good circulation. We also have two more returns on the middle side of the overflows both facing the front glass panel and down, we push more volume than you do so we did this to aleve the current.

We had a can sitting idle so we added it to one side with a spray bar but it is really not necessary and only used for redundancy.
any one else? Am i not pushing enough water?
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