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I recently picked up this set up from craigslist.
I have no experience with bulkheads or tanks with two returns.

There are 2- 2inch overflows with diy bulkheads in each corner.

There are 2- return holes for 1/2 inch returns, with 3/4 inch holes.Large hole in center is covered and patched with acrylic.

The stand/sump has one 1 3/4 inch hole for the return pump, for a 1" bulkhead

I have a new Marineland nj-5500 maxijet for a return pump. Im estimating 700+ gal/hour.

The only access to under the tank is a 8" panel opening along the front of the stand via an piano key type acrylic cover

Here are my questions:

1- Is my pump going to be large enough for this tank. /and or will my flow rate trough two 1/2 returns be enough?

2- I want to do diy bulkheads to save money, but can i even do them with .75 and 1.75 inch holes? What pipe size would i have to use? I know standard bulkhead hole size/pvc pipe ratio, just dont know if i can do diy bulkheads. Also i dont understand the best option(s) of slip/threaded, threaded/threaded or slip/slip bulkheads. Which is best if i am planning on doing some sort of spray bar for the returns

3-I originally wanted to run the pump submerged and hard plumbed inside the sump to reduce noise and help with heating, Then i started to think about that the only access to the sump is via an 8" opening along the front of the tank, encase something went wrong. Should I do external? This also got me thinking about using 1" tubing for plumbing with barbs and clamps on the bulkheads. Would this be better than using PVC?

4-What can anyone tell me about my return system i have sketched out?(BLUE holes would be spraying vertically) It would be using 1/2in pvc.

I have no experience with spray bars or underground jets. Will this lay out work well? Will it be hard to keep it covered by sand or a crushed sea shell substrate?

I hope someone can help me out and steer me in the right direction I would rather not learn things the hard way when im dealing with 300gal of water.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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