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Just finished stocking my 160g tank after a few months playing around with it. This is the current stocking list:

1 x Jardini (Saratoga) 30cm/12inch
1 x Manganese (Jaguar) 15cm/6inch
2 x Vieja Fenustratum 20cm/8inch
3 x Petenia splendida (Bay Snooks) 25cm/10inch
3 x Silver Dollars 15cm/6inch
1 x Pleco 35cm/14inch

They will eventually be moved into a larger tank, most likely 8x2.5x2.5 tank within the next 6 months. Let me know what you guys think? Is it overcrowded? Will the fish be ok in there for another few months at least? Will post some pics of it in the next few days.

Also wanted to ask what experience people had with peacock bass, was thinking of getting a few small 4 inch ones and growing them out in another 6x2x2 which is currently filled 2 oscars and a jack dempsey and put them in the bigger tank when it comes. Will they go ok in that tank for a while? How fast do they grow? What kind of size would they be after a few months in there?
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