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Hey all!

This month has been pretty good, I wasnt planing on setting up a Tanganikan tank until the summer, but its seems everyone put out there best deals this month. I purchased a 150g tank with 2 fluval 304's, lights and glass canopy and a stand, for about 275$.

I picked up 9 small burundi frontosa's for about $4.50 each, then last night I picked up a breeding pair of synodontis petricola and roughly 150-175 small one inch fry for 60$, I didnt ask for that many but guy lost count and I think just wanted them gone.

next on my list is picking up the rocks for the rockquascape and let the tank finish cycling before I add the synodontis petricola and fronts. I found this website here to be very inspirational and informative and plan on using his frontosa tank as reference for how to go ahead with mine!

breeding pair of synodontis petricola

bucket load number 1

bucket load number 2

150 gallon tank work in progress.

and my Malawi/ tanganikan corner.

if you have any suggestion I would love to hear them.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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