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150G is ready for fish, how is my stocklist?

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New to Africans, so please excuse any ignorance on my part. Just about finished with my 150G Malawi tank (minus some aquascaping) and I am ready to start stocking. The tank is 6 foot by 18 inches and 28 inches tall. It's filtered by (2) Fluval 405's and (2) AC110's. Decorations are limestone rock with sand in the bottom. I just finished up with a four week fishless cycle with a pretty hefty load (ammonia was brought up to 2-3 ppm every twelve hours) , so I would like fully stock from the start. This morning reading were PH-8, Ammonia-0, Nitrite-0 and Nitrates between 40 and 80 (too hard to distinguish the difference). I did a 60% water change and have not yet checked my parameters since the WC. Temperature ranges from 79-80 degrees.
My last tank was a 55G and that was 7 years ago. Which housed a single green severum. He died after 8 years, so I gave the tank away.

So first of all, I would like to add some plants. Any input would be appreciated.

Second, here is my proposed list. (Forgive me, I know not scientific names)

6-8 Yellow labs
6-8 Acei's
6-8 Rusty's
13 Demasoni
6-8 Red Zebras

1-2 Bristle Nose
2-3 Catfish
3-4 Male Peacocks (let me know if this is a bad idea)

So i figure roughly 50 fish. This seems like a lot and may be a bad Idea

Here is the tank
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I would add another three or four species and increase your Ps. demasoni to about 20.

All of your species stay pretty small and your tank will look empty. Don't focus so much on a magic number of fish. Eight or nine species in this tank would likely work as long as they are moderately compatible.

This is a 6 foot 150 gallon tank, don't be afraid to experiment a little.

I would lose the peacocks and stick with mbuna.
Or you could lose the demansoni and zebras and add peacocks and haps . . . !

You could also bump your catfish (I assume synodontis) to 5 or 6. Multipunctatus if you don't care about breeding; petricola if you do . . .
I counter.. NO MBUNA..

Go all male Hap/Peacock in a tank that size. Just my opinion.

OK, you can do a couple Demasoni and a couple labs, and Acei will work.

I keep labs and a pair of Demasoni in my 180g Hap/peacock tank... but I would seriously look at haps peacocks.

But your opinion may be different!
It would be much easier if he just removed the peacocks from his stock and stuck w/ what he wanted before! That means he could still have the fish he wanted and MAYBE a more aggressive peacock, it might and might not work depending on how aggressive your peacock can be!
Nice tank very impressive! If you want to put plants in, Java ferns are easy to keep and don't need special planting they can just be tied loosely to rock or slid unerneath. Hope that helps.
Personally I'd try some less "cookie-cutter" species. Look into some Cynotilapia and Copadichromis species. The Cynotilapia will (generally) be a smaller mbuna (not all types though) and your Copadichromis will get bigger and fill in the open water area.

Like it was said:

"This is a 6 foot 150 gallon tank, don't be afraid to experiment a little."

I have had good experiences with mixing mbuna and peacocks, but apparenty everyone else hasn't. :wink:
your list seem to be the common species like most starters have. Easy to find these around.
You'll grow tired of these quick and will want to go extreme!

I now personally collect afras (my favorite mbunas), peacocks and haps..I mean the ones that most do not have...

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The red zebras and yellow labs will crossbreed. And yeah I think you should look into some other species, check out msobo/daktaris/mainganos/hongis/white top haras....

At first I thought six foot tank 28 inches high! Go all male. But I have to admit I like the idea of housing 8 groups of mbuna together :thumb:

If I could do it I'd probably do:

L. sp. Hongi(6)
P. Demasoni(18)
Yellow labs(10)
M. Msobo(8)
Acei ngara(6)
Hara afras(10)
M. Callainos(6)

I don't know if it would work,I've never kept mbuna in anything but a 55gallon. Try to see if you can add the demasoni with only one big piece of holey rock in the tank. Maybe they will colonize it and then add other rocks and fish after.
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