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150 or 180 Tank.....please give some input

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I'm getting a new tank next week (thank goodness for the Tax Money huh lol). I was going to get a 210, but just figured it was going to be a little out of budget. My question is that which do you think would be a better tank for a peacock/hap tank. A 150 that is 72X18X29 or a 180 that is 72X24X24? I'm leaning towards the 180 because of the 6" wider footprint, but is it that much of a difference really to spend $200 on?

Sorry about the questions, just want to make this a perfect tank and i'm going to do a DIY background on it before I even set it up :)
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180's look amazing because you get a deep effect when you look at it. But at the same time I imagine it would be hard for me to reach all the way back to move a rock or clean algea. They are both really nice sizes and you'll kick yourself if later you want more of a footprint. I say 180G :D Just think of all the fish you could put in there!!!
I'm 6'1 with a general tall and thin build... from the ground I can barely reach the back corner of my 4x2x2 - 120 gal... on a small step stool I can move things around easily...

The back bottom corner of either tank would be approx the same reach when angles are considered...

If you design the aqua~scape to utilize the height it isn't very difficult to "increase the floorspace" using shelving, but this can be done much easier with that 24" front to back space though... to utilize the 29" height with only 18" front to back may prove difficult...

Getting the 180 will hit you for another $200 right now but will give you added benefit for many years to come. In my opinion it would be worth the extra investment, provided you aren't going hungry to have the extra money...
Nah, we aren't going hungry for the 180. Just wanted to get a few others thoughts on the two tanks. The 180 will take a little longer to get up because i'll have to get a little money over time to set it up. The 150 with the $200 saved I can get the filters right off the bat. But, I see where you two are coming from and believe i'll go with the 180. The extra few weeks will give me time to build my DIY back ground and put in the UGJ's also before I can actually set it up. :)
I'd go for the 180. Two feet deep is nice. I rarely clean off algae from the back of my tanks so reaching the back isn't a big deal. I would try to get the largest footprint possible.
Algae would not be an issue for me because i'm going to do one of the DIY back grounds like you see here on the site with cement :)
180 i say....bigger is better in the process of setting up my 210gallon 72"Lx24"Wx30"H and im only 5'3 with the ladder i can get to the bottom side to side .....who care? follow your wallet and see whats lead u to ....
Paulbearer said:
Algae would not be an issue for me because i'm going to do one of the DIY back grounds like you see here on the site with cement :)
If you're doing a 3D background I'd definitely suggest the 180. That 6" will make a huge difference by the time you put on of those in there. all don't have to convince me any further :lol: I'm going in tomorrow to order the 180 and will make a post when I start my DIY back ground. Thanks for the help all and i'll get advice later as I start setting it up, piece by piece.
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