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I've been asked to build a stand for a friends new aquarium. It is a 150 gallon tank and the base is 48 1/4" by 24 1/4". When full of water, gravel, and rocks, it will weigh about 2000 lbs.

We joined brains to come up with a sturdy yet functional design, but I wanted to run it by you guys to see what you think. And also ask about materials to use. Hopefully I can explain the design so you understand.

Both the top and bottom will be 50 1/4" by 26 1/4", so that there is a 1" lip around the whole tank. I'm thinking I will use 3/4" Birch plywood. Should I double that up to make the top 1 1/2" thick? There will be a 1 1/2" wide, 3/4" thick trim all around the top and bottom to hide the edges.

The stand needs to be 23" tall (including top and bottom). The verticle support between the top and bottom will be in the form of 4, 10" wide octoganal pillars, 20" tall, one in each corner, placed 1" from the edge of the top and bottom pieces. I plan on making the pillars from 3/4" plywood, cut at 22.5* on each edge and joined together with glue and biscuits to form the octagon. In addition to these 4 pillars, there will be one large elongated octoganal pillar in the middle of the stand. It will be wider than the other pillars (maybe 14"?) and extend from the front of the stand to the back. The front 3 sides of this octagon will open on hinges to allow access to this area, therefore the front 3 sides will NOT SUPPORT ANY WEIGHT. But the sides that extend to the back, as well as the back 3 sides, will. So as you can see, there will be at least a 14" space at the front of the stand that has no vertical support under it.

That is the basic design, I hope it makes sense. Here is a sketch I did on Google Sketchup. It is Ryan Sparreboom's post, scroll to my last post on this thread and there is a link to the picture.

- Does the design sound like it will be able to support 2000 lbs?
- With the top 1 1/2" thick, will the weight be distributed enough?
- Do I glue and screw the 2 layers of the top and bottom together?
- Is 3/4" plywood a good choice to make the octoganal pillars?
- Am I forgetting any major considerations?

Thanks in advance.

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I don't think I can see the pic you mentioned. Here is my design though. It can easily hold 300 gallons of water. It uses some features of manufactured wood to impart strength, stability, and undetectable deflection, even with a laser level.

I built five of these stands and they allow me to remodelmy fish room without building new stands since the five stands are modular and/or can be used alone. Also they look much sharper than most fish room stands.
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