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YEA!!! We got a 150 gallon tank, to replace the 60 and 75 we currently have. So I am wondering about how many beauties I can put in it and also how to reduce the violence?
Currently have:
1 bumblebee think F,
3 red zebras unsure of sexes,
3 Melanochromis Auratus 2 M 1 F,
3 kennyi 1M 2F,
3 Blue Colbalt unsure of sexes,
1 electric blue hap M,
3 ornate peacocks unsure of sexes,
1 M blue johani,
1 met or pseudo"mutt", think M,
2 labidochromis caeruleus, unsure of sexes,
and last but not least 3 plecos.
These are distributed currently between a 60 and a 75 gallon tank, plan to put them all into the 150 plus some additions, such as to make the correct sex ratios... however the kennyi's abuse all the others even the bumblebee.. hoping that the larger tank will make the difference, any suggestions or links to help me stock the new tank?
We will have an Eheim 2080 as well as a UGF with two powerheads...
Have put much effort and cash into the setup as I am sure you can all imagine. I want my babies to be very happy. Any and all input welcome and appreciated. :fish:

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I will take a guess as to the content of DJRansom's PM:

Try to pick four species of mbuna in a 48" in tank (maybe 5 since you have two feet of width).

The auratus, crabro (bumblebee), johannii and lombardoi (kenyi) are perhaps the four most difficult mbuna to keep, and you have all of them in one tank that could barely contain one of them. If you are in love with one of these high-difficulty fish, try to keep one of them as a group.

Or try all-male. Most peacocks and many haps will be absolutely terrorized in this tank.

Really, those are my own thoughts. They sound harsh and unhelpful towards your current stock, so I apologize for that.

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