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I've been keeping a 150g all male for couple of years.

It is a trial and error situation and the thing with individual cichlids is that their temperaments can vary a lot between fish.

I'd say that most of the fish in you list have chance of co-existing with each other, and a high stocking level helps with the aggression as long as your water/feeding regime is well maintained..

If anything I would steer away from some of the bigger Mbuna species like Metriclima and even keep mbuna species down to just a few- so peacocks and haps get a decent run of the tank.

Same with some of the bigger Piscivores look the Nimbo's- I had polystigma and Venustus and swapped with one male Front who works a lot better in the set up. If you get a spare male in your front colony I'd put him in there before nimbo's

Peacocks like 'Blue Orchid' could find it hard to compete in such a set up

I found Vics also can battle to get enough food in this dort of set up.

I had a lovely big rogue Pulcher also in there for 8 mths then he just died.

I had 5 1/2 inch Rubescens for 18 mths also living happily then got nailed one day, probably by the Maleri.

A good male tank looks awesome but things will happen. Your fish seem to be youngish as well so things will change as they mature

Your fish look great BTW- The 'Ahli' looks a bit wrong to me though

FYI- here is a FTS of my set up. A bit old but gives an idea.

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