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14 t. dubs in a 180

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14 t. dubs in a 180

Hi Guys,

So im beginning to wonder. I had 15 T. dubs but one passed away early on but the other 14 fish are super healthy and growing.. Still small juveniles about 1 1/2 to 2 inches.

My questions are:
Is this number too small??
If I mix a T. moori type would it adress a numbers issue if it is present?

What do you guys feed T. dubs to maximize growth
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1. 14 Dubs makes a nice group

2. There is no numbers issue with the Duboisi, but if you wanted to add more fish to a 180 gallon standard 6ft x 2ft x2ft aquarium, you could put as much as 60 Tropheus in the tank with 7-10X filtration turnover and the Tropheus are the only swimming fish in the tank.

3. The more you feed, the more room you give them, and the more rigorous your water change schedule is, will make the Duboisi grow as fast as their genetics will take them.

In my opinion, I would do a Tropheus only tank, and put two groups of 20 fish in there.

20 Duboisi, and then 20 of any other Tropheus variant in there you wanted, as long as it was not another Duboisi type. If your not interested in getting another Tropheus type, up your Duboisi to about 25 fish. This should fill the tank nicely once they reach full size.

Continue feeding what food you are feeding now, and then start blending in New Life Spectrum Cichlid Forumula over a two week period until your 100% on NLS. Then feed that twice a day. I woudl also feed a flake food as staple one with high vegtable content.

Perform weekly 50-75% waterchange.

Have 7-10X filtration turnover inthe tank.

Best of luck!
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if your really wanting them to grow big and fast, I would look to adding just a couple females.

I normaly advise not less than 15 fish in 6ft tank, I just hate to tell you go get 1 more :lol:
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