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14 t. dubs in a 180

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14 t. dubs in a 180

Hi Guys,

So im beginning to wonder. I had 15 T. dubs but one passed away early on but the other 14 fish are super healthy and growing.. Still small juveniles about 1 1/2 to 2 inches.

My questions are:
Is this number too small??
If I mix a T. moori type would it adress a numbers issue if it is present?

What do you guys feed T. dubs to maximize growth
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So im runnig a 305 with pure bio media and an Fx5 mixed mechanical and bio load thats about 5 x water filtration considering filtration media reduction.

Water seems to be holding up well and I am doing 5 day water changes of about 30% water changes and im feeding them 2 to 3 x NLS 1mm cichlid forumla
My fish are growing for sure... My GF was gone for three weeks and when she came back she was like wow theyve grown.. harder to notice when you stare at them every day...

I do have some cyprichromis in there right now and they seem to minlge just fine no aggression to the cyps what so ever. I have one guy starting to show a bit of a band and its pretty wide which is cool.

I think what I will start doing is doing the watre changes in a bit larger increments.

my water tests are usually 0-0- ~10( not sure onthe sensitivity of the nitrate test)
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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