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Im planning on placing an order for fish soon and was looking through different mbunas to order. Main goal was to have as much different colors as possible
for a 125 I was shooting for 30 fish so I chose 6 species with 5 each
what are the thought on this selection. Will they be compatible with each other?

Zebra Red Top Albino - Metriaclima Pyrsonotos
Maingano Cichlid - Pseudotropheus cyaneorhabdos
Electric Yellow Cichlid - Labidochromis Caeruleus
Red Top Zebra - Metriaclima emmiltos
Saulosi Taiwan Reef - Pseudotropheus Saulosi
Red Top Ndumbi - Pseudotropheus sp. "Red Top"

If this does not work, what are some suggestions, what should I be trying to do as far as picking species. Any suggestions are welcome

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Choose one Metriaclima and one blue barred fish. Ndumbi have a rep for being nearly impossible to keep without aggression problems.

I like 5 species with 5 of each. Note that females are drab for the Metriaclima you have chosen.

I'd go with the saulosi, but I would choose 3m:9f and let them occupy two species slots. Then Maingano 1m:7f to manage aggression for the bright blue.

White labs and Acei to finish off the tank.
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