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Heres my current stock list. Had 1 female I found out and I'm rehoming my saffron due to aggression.
I think my stocking maybe part of the issue and if it is idk what else to add. Greatly appreciate the input.
Aulonocra eureka red
Aulonocara stuartgranti mdoka flametail
lethrinops marginatus red fin
protomelas taeniolatus
dimidiochromis strigatus sunset
Copadichromis Trewavasae Fireline Mloto
chilotilapia rhoadesii
otopharynx lithobates zimbawe rock
Mdoka White Lips
Taiwan reef
Deep water hap
Synodontis lucipinnis x5
Albino BN pleco x4
Clown loach x4

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I don't think you need more fish, especially since some of the ones you have mature larger than six inches. You don't wait until they grow to six inches and then stock them as babies according to their mature size. The having clown loaches in addition to Synodontis adds to the bioload...clown loaches grow to 13" and like to be in larger groups.

The lethrinops is often too timid to color well in a male tank regardless of other stock.

You have a mix of aggressive and timid haps and might find it helpful to choose one or the other if some are getting picked on or not coloring well.

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Right now the largest fish is about 4 inches. Smallest is about 3-3.5. My saffron cichlid has a sole purpose to kill my Eureka Red. I have the saffron in isolation. I tried to completely redecorate and moved everything and built new caves. As soon as I put him back in he circled the tank looking for the Eureka Red. So I took the saffron out again. This was my main issue.
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