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Welcome to the forum. Good place to learn and get ideas.

Now to answer your questions, your tank is too small for a Frontosa Colony. The minimum tank size for them would be a 180, 72 x 24 x 24, and that’s a starter size tank for them.

The Alto’s would be fine in this size aquarium.

I’ve never kept Blue Dolphin before, but from what I have observed and gathered about them, they do seem like a fairly peaceful Malawi Cichlid. They get rather big though and like to swim. I’d think a 6 foot tank would be better for them. Other can chime in that have more experience with them.

I’ve never heard of keeping Malawi Blue Dolphins with Tanganyika Alto’s before. It could work, but I think there are probably more suitable fish to keep with each of them.

In my 40 years of keeping fish, I’ve gone from trying to maximize fish per aquarium to getting comfortable with less fish, or smaller fish per tank. I try to give the fish more swimming room than less. Seems like the tanks are much happier now.
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