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I am going to try my luck at an all male mbuna tank.
100 gallon 5ft long, 18 inches wide and 20 inches tall, the aquarium will have sand and around 300lbs of rockwork
The tank still has other fish in it and has not been set up for this yet.

What i currently have that will be going in
5" Yellow lab
3" Cynotilapia Afra Jalo reef
3" Cynotilapia Afra Afra cobue (one cynotilapia may need removed, we'll see)
3" Red top trewvesae
3.5" Blueberry peacock that has been known to be dominate over bigger melanchromis chipoka and zebras believe it or not otherwise he would go in my all male peacock hap tank
3" Blue socolofi
3" F1 Maison Reef Zebra Chilumba
3" Tanzanian Acei

I am planning on adding
Labidochromis Pearlmutt
Labidochromis Mbamba
Labidochromis red top hongi
Acei Ngara
Acei Msuli
Albino Socolofi or white lab
A blue or red zebra depending on what color i lack
Maybe a rusty
So that is 17 fish total

I think i might need some more species to accomplish slight overcrowding, what do you guys think :fish:

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There's a lot that could go wrong here. You probably know that. The vertical blue-barred fish will hate one another, etc. etc. etc.

My advice: go for it. Add everything at ~2", if you can, and wait. You're going to have a really tough - read:impossible - time getting confirmed males at that size, but they'll be less likely than full grown males to completely disrupt the balance of the tank when added one at a time.

Just know that this tank will be a process. A lengthy, likely frustrating process. But you'll find the balance, eventually. Pics are a must!

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Good luck! I like your list, and I'm sure you know there will be some "trial and error". 17 fish doesn't sound like a bad number for a 5ft/100 gal. I have 11 in my 4ft/55 gal all male mbuna tank. Check out my sig for my list of fish, I've had some short term success but can't say how well they will get a long once they are all grown. I have about 6 full grown (4-6 in) and 5 sub adults/juvies. My only possible concern for your picks would be the Cyno's and the Hongi (the vertical bars of course can cause a problem) but ya never know until ya try it. Of course make sure you have a hospital tank set-up! Also, from the looks of your list, I'd go with the Red Zebra over the Blue. It looks like you should have enough blue and you really can't go wrong with a RZ in a all male tank. Again, good luck! Show us some pics as well :popcorn:
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