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1/2 inch fry

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I have some fry that were hatched 2 months ago. They are from the mouth of my yellow tipped acei. I bought her holding, and unknowing on my part and the LFS. She was in a tank with only other yellow tipped acei's when I bought her.

1)When will the fry LOOK like an acei. I want to ensure they are pure before I distribute them right now they are 1/2 an inch and have dark stripes on them
2)How many months do fry typically take to grow to an inch.
3)How big must they be before I put them in with my 3-4 inch cichlid tank?

Thanks Guys!
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You can't determine purity by visual ID. A hybrid can look exactly like either parent. Many of us buy holding females as a good way to know the fish is a female, but I always let the first batch be spit in the tank because there is no way to be sure.

About six months for fry to be a size for selling or adding to a tank with adults. Some will be one inch and some will be two inches.
Pardon my ignorance but what is a yellow tipped acei?
Dunno if I have seen one sold as this.
Is it a common name for a variant of Pseudotropheus sp. "Acei" (now thought by Ad Konings to be Pseudotropheus elegans rediscovered) or an aquarium cross of variants?
All the best James
Pseudotropheus sp. "Acei" (Msuli). Looks exactly like the pic here on Cichlid forum. Common name is yellow tailed acei. Sorry about the wrong name.

Thanks for the help.
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