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Periodically, the administrative staff will award a single aquarium with the Tank of Merit Award. Below you'll find our previous winners.

Tank of Merit Winners
AwardedOwner Tank Title
July 2014Iggy Newcastle Malawi 'Deep'
How To Submit Your Aquarium

  1. You will need to be a registered user at Cichlid-Forum. Then you may log in to this website using your Cichlid-Forum User ID and Password.
  2. In the Your Tanks Section, click on the 'Aquarium Gallery' link, and then click on the 'Add New Tank' link to the left
  3. Add your tank information on the form that is then displayed.
  4. Use the 'Add Fish' section (repeatedly) to add your fish until they are all listed.
  5. Select the photos to display with your tank and submit them. They will be reviewed, modified, and optimized as needed by the webmaster for display on your tank page. Images must be less than 256 kB in size.
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