Shelldweller Tanks
30g breeder
Brief Description of Tank
This is my "Lamprologus" similis species tank. It is currently in the process of being redone so the plants will change, but the basic shellbed look will remain. It is designed to have about six territories for pairs/harems and their offspring. There are over a hundred shells in total in the tank. This tank is currently overrun with either an odd textured java moss or very short hair algae, but the picture is from right after setup in late summer of 2004.

General Information
Filtration 2 Hagen AquaClear 150
Heater 1 Ebo Jager
Lighting 90W regular fluorescent
Substrate Aragonite
Rocks Feather rock
Plants Java fern, vals, crypts, hairgrass and java moss
Feeding OSI flake mix, NLS, Hikari First Bites
Other Shell mix includes silver turbo, turbo, escargot, striped fox, land snails and other varieties

Water Parameters
Temperature: 80F pH: 8.8 gH: 15dH kH: 20dH Nitrate Level:

User Comments
Aug 17, 2005
love it! lots of hiding places....
Jun 11, 2006
thats so cool!!!

Last Updated: June 10, 2005

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