Petrochromis disaster
L-Shaped 730 l.
Brief Description of Tank
23-rd of April 2009 - Nothing new for a long time. My new wild cought Petrochrmis ephippium Moshi arrived today and the tank is already theirs. :)
17-th of April 2008 - Started the tank!

General Information
Heater Sera 300W
Lighting 3 x Phillips Aquarelle 30W + 3 x Sylvania GroLux 30W
Substrate Sand
Rocks Granite
Plants Vallisneria americana (gigantea)

Water Parameters
Temperature: 26 C pH: 8.6 gH: 20 kH: 15 Nitrate Level: 0

Fish List
2 Telmatochromis vittatus (Kambwimba)
10 Cyprichromis leptosoma (Utinta)
22 Tropheus sp. Black (Bulu point)
2 Petrochromis famula (Chimba)
11 Petrochromis sp. Moshi Yellow (Mpimbwe) WC

User Comments
May 8, 2008
WOW!! I love your tank!
May 9, 2008
Beatyful tank! I want one just like yours!
Jun 29, 2008
Holy #$#@, that is awesome! Your fish are gorgeous! Something along these lines is what I would love to start next.
Jul 2, 2008
good fish pics
Oct 22, 2008
great photo and perfect aquascape... wow...
Oct 25, 2008
amazing tank. very natural and simple. i like the plants also. Dont your cichlids eat the plants
Oct 27, 2008
10x guys! vasilis, the trophs are eating the vallis all the time - that's why it haven't got 1.5 meters long leaves. :-)

Last Updated: May 1, 2009

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