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  1. Trading Post
    I was certain I was going to get a 6ft tank for these and bought juvi’s to grow them out. Turns out I was wrong. I’ve had these guys for about 1.5 months. Very nice genetics. I paid $485. Just want my money out of it, not a profit. Will send you the receipt if you want to see where they came...
    $485 USD
  2. Lake Tanganyika Species
    I’ve always seen tropheus duboisi maswa juveniles as completely black with polka dots. I have 14 of them, all around 1.5” long, they’re starting to develop their yellow band. Is it normal for them to look kinda brown instead of black? I’m just wondering cause I don’t think I’ve ever seen...
  3. Lake Tanganyika Species
    Hi all, I have a 55gallon tank running for about 1 year now with : 4 x neolamprologus leleupi 2 x neolamprologus brichardi 2 x neolamprologus cylindricus 2x julidochromis never had any aggressions btw. now I stocked up to have 4 fishes of every species I already had, because I want them to...
1-3 of 3 Results