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  1. Aquarium Decoration (Rocks, Plants and Substrates)
    Hi, I used fine grained aragonite for my Neolamprologus Multifasciatus tank, and it’s working great to buffer my pH like it should. I got it in and it was very cloudy, even after rinsing, but it cleared up after about 24 hours. However, the tank seems permanently cloudy now after adding fish. I...
  2. Aquarium Setup
    I had a previously well established tank, which housed my 8 yr old Cichlid. He died about 2 months ago and I have kept the tank running but haven’t been adding food or anything. A week ago I took out all the old decorations and added lava rock and live plants. Then yesterday I changed the...
  3. Aquarium Setup
    Have a 75g sitting empty and been wanting to start a mbuna tank. I thought my LFS would be a good place to start since they carry a ton of cichlids and the store owner seemed knowledgeable. I wanted to walk out of the store with some substrate to start and was recommended CaribSea Eco-Complete...
1-3 of 3 Results