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  1. Central American Cichlids
    If y'all were to be gifted a new 150g tank what would you do this time around? Big single show piece (Dovii)? Mated Pair, aggressive or larger cichlids(Jaguar, Mota, Midas, Red Devil, Grammode)? Community of large/medium sized cichlids(Vieja, Texas, Jack Demspey, Nicaraguan)? Community of small...
  2. Aquarium Setup
    After losing my 8 year old Firemouth Cichlid a few weeks back I am thinking of setting up a community tank Instead of having 1 single fish. I am thinking a Bolivian Ram but really struggling with what else I could get to go with it. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. i was leaning...
1-2 of 2 Results