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  1. General Aquaria Discussion
    Pseudocrenilabrus pyrrhocaudalis. Photo from article - A new species of Pseudocrenilabrus (Perciformes: Cichlidae) from Lake Mweru in the Upper Congo River System A new species found in Lake Mweru has been described. Lake Mweru is southwest of Lake Tanganyika and forms part of the upper Congo...
  2. General Aquaria Discussion
    Pseudocrenilabrus multicolor victoriae. Photo by Greg Steeves A unique cichlid found in rivers and streams in the Lake Victoria basin and even in the upper Nile River. Pseudocrenilabrus multicolor victoriae is one of two subspecies, the other being Pseudocrenilabrus multicolor multicolor. The...
  3. General Aquaria Discussion
    Pseudocrenilabrus philander Guma Lagoon. Photo by Greg Steeves Until a couple days ago I had never heard of Pseudocrenilabrus philander. The genus Pseudocrenilabrus is small and not very common in the hobby. A real shame since Pseudocrenilabrus nicholsi and Pseudocrenilabrus multicolor...
1-3 of 3 Results