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    A short video and species description by Greg Steeves of the Lake Victoria snail eating cichlid Platytaeniodus sp. "red tail sheller". Originally found throughout Lake Victoria, Platytaeniodus sp. "red tail sheller" is one of the many species that has suffered from the introduction of the...
  2. General Aquaria Discussion
    Platytaeniodus degeni. Photo be Greg Steeves Platytaeniodus degeni, aka Haplochromis degeni, was originally collected in Lake Victoria. This species was thought extinct in the wild but some specimens were found about 10 years ago. This species is also alive and well in captivity at zoos and in...
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    Platytaeniodus sp. "red tail sheller". Photo by Dave Hansen Today's out-of-the-ordinary species is a fish that goes by the name Platytaeniodus sp. "red tail sheller". It is believed to have been collected near Hippo Point on the Kenyan shoreline of Lake Victoria. Of course, with all of Lake...
1-3 of 3 Results