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  1. General African Cichlid Discussion
    I’m not sure if anyone can help me out with this, but I have two peacock cichlids, same age (male and female). We’ve had them for about 6 months now and they’ve been bonded and have tried to mate in the past two months. Here recently they’ve been chasing each other and acting aggressive towards...
  2. Classifieds Trading Post
    For Sale or Trade. Pickup Only. Just 10 minutes south of Des Moines, Iowa. C-Town Aquatic Pets I have around 30 1-1.5" Dragons Blood Peacocks and with more babies on the way = $3 each OBO I also have around 60 .5" Sunshine Peacocks and more on the way = $1 each OBO All are spawn from...
    $1 USD
  3. Unidentified Cichlids
    Got this from a batch of assorted peacocks. Seems to have developed a bit of red coloration as it's grown over the last three months or so, but I've no idea what fish this might be. Thanks everyone :)
  4. General African Cichlid Discussion
    I really thought the female that is currently holding was a male… the other two aristo’s I have have not colored up yet. I have a male sapphire and an unsexed bucco as well as a blueberry freyi I believe. Who could possibly be the father? 😅
  5. General African Cichlid Discussion
    Hello everyone, I am new to keeping cichlids, earlier I have kept different community fishes like milky koi, goldfish red cap etc. But now I want to have my first cichlid tank. I was thinking to mix mbunas and peacocks cichlids in my tank I have sand gravel by seachem and a lot of hiding spaces...
  6. Unidentified Cichlids
    Got this peacock cichlid with a batch of sunshine and eureka red peacocks I recently ordered. The seller hasn't identified it either. Happy to hear what you'll think this guy might be
  7. General African Cichlid Discussion
    I've been reading Cichlid Forum regularly since I got into the hobby last year. I have a 90 gallon five footer tank with SunSun canister filtration. Have gone with a white sand substrate that I bought online, black background (painted with acrylic paint) and a rockscape with sufficient hiding...
  8. Unidentified Cichlids
    I bought these three recently, but don’t remember what they are. One of the Orange/peach ones is much darker than the other. They are all about 1.5 - 2” long. any help would be most appreciated!
  9. Lake Malawi Species
    I have searched far and wide buying from many different online cichlid providers. Where is the best place Online (UK) that stocks malawi cichlids? Thanks
1-10 of 10 Results