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  1. Classifieds Trading Post
    Somehow I got a group of all males from my purchase of six. Looking for two or three confirmed females to get a colony going.
  2. Lake Tanganyika Species
    Hello, I recently got 5 juvenile N. Multis, one of them is being outcasted. The other 4 have darkened up quite a bit with dark stripes, this one has stayed lighter color. There are 3 of them that are the biggest of the group, the outcast being one of them. The other two smallest ones do not show...
  3. Lake Tanganyika Species
    Hello, I'm fairly new to cichlids, not fishkeeping, I recently moved my fish from my 75Gallon into another tank and rescaped this one with the usual sand, rock stacks, shells etc etc. I have been researching day and night about more information about some of these fish and came to no...
  4. General Aquaria Discussion
    A short video from the My piece of Lake Tanganyika topic. A great topic started by Cichlid-Forum member sumertiw on the creation of his little slice of Lake Tanganyika. The video above and great close-up photos of Altolamprologus sp. compressiceps "Sumbu shell" and 'Lamprologus'...
  5. Lake Tanganyika Species
    Great timelapse video of a group of Lamprologus multifasciatus digging around their shells. Anyone who has kept a group of Lamprologus multifasciatus knows how quickly these little fish can rearrange carefully planned aquascaping. Leave them alone for a few hours and they completely change...
1-5 of 5 Results