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  1. Illness, Health & Nutrition
    Just to preface, I do NOT currently have any fish with bloat. I have 14 healthy tropheus duboisi maswa in a 75 gal 4’ aquarium. What are some good ways to treat tropheus bloat? I’ve heard force feeding diluted Epsom salt, and Epsom salt dips… I’ve heard methelyne blue dips, and I’ve heard using...
  2. Lake Tanganyika Species
    HI! I have a 64gallon tank housing 14 young tropheus moori Ikola. One of the fish behaves very oddly. It is only staying next to the water surface (generally behaves in an apathetic way). Furthermore, this fish has sunken spots behind his eyes. I'm worried this fish can die soon. Does anyone...
  3. Illness, Health & Nutrition
    I currently have a 36 gallon bowfront with two opaline gouramis, two otos, a 3 inch JD, a 2 inch Acara, and a 2 inch severum. The Severum has never eaten since I got him, my best guess is he lives off of the plants. The acara stopped eating a week or two ago, but was eating normally beforehand...
1-3 of 3 Results