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  1. Lake Malawi Species
    Please help me identify this species, it looks like a few different species but not exact. Thank you!
  2. Lake Malawi Species
    Have had this red empress cichlid for around 8 months and it is around 4.5 inches in size. Am wondering if this is a female fish? Hasn't coloured up at all 😞 Will rehome if so, since mine is an all male tank. Thanks in advance for the inputs and feedback :)
  3. Unidentified Cichlids
    So, I work in a petstore in the aquatics department, and I'm confident in my ability to raise fry, as well as keep fish at home and I have my own small tanks, and I love cichlids, and love learning about different species here. However, at my job, before being sold off, someone left us a...
  4. Unidentified Cichlids
    I know the bottom one is a gold severum I don’t know the top one.
  5. Unidentified Cichlids
    It was sold to me as Labidochromis Hongi red top, but im not sure now, and i have three of them... Another thing is they grow very slow in compare to the others mbuna in my tank, but they are good eating and very active... Tnx
  6. Unidentified Cichlids
    I bought some multis from my local fish store yesterday. The ones in the tank looked like multis as far as I could tell and had stripes starting behind the gills, not over their heads. However now that the lights have come on this morning and I got a good look at mine, they don't appear to have...
  7. General African Cichlid Discussion
    I really thought the female that is currently holding was a male… the other two aristo’s I have have not colored up yet. I have a male sapphire and an unsexed bucco as well as a blueberry freyi I believe. Who could possibly be the father? 😅
  8. Unidentified Cichlids
    I bought from the assorted cichlid tank to round out my stock of 11 yellow labs, 2 EB Johanni, and a pleco…I got 5 guys I’m looking to ID they are all just under an inch long. 2 oranges, two albinos, and one that looks like a baby yellow lab but he is sorta white fading into a yellow from mid...
  9. Unidentified Cichlids
    Hi everyone I am planing on setting up my first cichlid tank after seeing 4 cichlids ( 2 different variations) in my local store that have been there for nearly 8 months and nobody wants them. They are labeled as assorted Malawi Cichlids, can anyone tell me what type of Malawi Cichlids these...
1-10 of 10 Results