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  1. Unidentified Cichlids
    So, I work in a petstore in the aquatics department, and I'm confident in my ability to raise fry, as well as keep fish at home and I have my own small tanks, and I love cichlids, and love learning about different species here. However, at my job, before being sold off, someone left us a...
  2. Lake Malawi Species
    I have got cichlid fry in a hang in hatchery on the side of my main tank, I got another tank running to cycle for a grow out tank, once it’s ready should I just transfer the adult fish to the new cycled tank and then put the fry into the main tank so that they have the same conditions as the...
  3. Lake Malawi Species
    Noticed my female was holding and put her in a Holding/breeding tank, carefully held her and used tweezers to hold her mouth open and got about 25 fry, they still had a eggsack and were swimming around and bouncing off the floor and thought I might of done it to early so allowed her to pick them...
  4. South American Cichlids
    I have about 50 young severum who range from slightly smaller than a penny to about a bit bigger than a quarter. I'm not sure what to do with them since theyre getting bit quick and i have no bigger tank. I'm looking for a places to sell them or give them away.
  5. South American Cichlids
    Hello, My Acara's have spawned and I have a bunch of fry swimming around with their parents. I chose to keep the fish with their parents and let nature take its course. The parents are doing a great job protecting their babies. I put a divider in the tank because we have snails and 1 other...
  6. Lake Malawi Species
    Hi all, So I was looking for advice on how soon would you re-introduce Labidochromis Caeruleus females into the mixed tank after dropping. It's been three months and the fry are now big enough to care for themselves, however my main concern is the females mating/dropping eggs too soon. Apart...
  7. General Aquaria Discussion
    A breeding pair of Cichlasoma dimerus looking after their many fry. This South American cichlid can be found in the Paraguay-Paraná River System. This river system flows through various countries including Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina. Cichlasoma dimerus appears to breed easily...
  8. Lake Tanganyika Species
    As anyone who has ever kept these little Tanganyikans knows, unshelling a shell dweller isn't going to happen unless they want to leave their shell. Shellies can go into their homes and wedge themselves so well that even a predator can't pull them out. There are several techniques to getting...
  9. General Aquaria Discussion
    Video showing a breeding pair of Cichlasoma dimerus taking care of their fry.
  10. General Aquaria Discussion
    Interesting video showing the growth a several mbuna species over their first 50 days. They include Pseudotropheus demasoni, Pseudotropheus sp. "Acei" Ngara and a few Metriaclima sp. "Patricki" Jalo Reef. It is easy to forget just how much size they can put on in under 2 months. During that...
  11. Lake Tanganyika Species
    httpv:// This is a great video showing the breeding process from venting all the way to growing out the fry. It also shows egg stripping and tumbling.
  12. General Aquaria Discussion
    Great video of blue turquoise discus (Symphysodon aequifasciatus) fry feeding off of the parent's slime coat. You can see them at 9 days and 14 days after hatching.
1-12 of 12 Results